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If you are looking for a new opportunity, we’re always on the lookout for talented and passionate people. If you’re interested in working with an incredible team and helping deliver amazing experiences for customers all over the globe, get in touch!

What we do

In a nutshell, we help companies effectively communicate, build relationships and create exceptional experiences for their customers‘Communication’ was once a relatively simple task for businesses plug in a phone and answer it when it rings”.  Along with customer expectations, communication has evolved rapidly over the last decade to include multiple channels and domains including online, SMS, Facebook Messenger, Webchat, WhatsApp & Google Business.

Leveraging modern communications technology, we’re able to build solutions to support clients and their customers all over the world.  Our solutions are based on best practice workflows, built upon cutting edge technology, and run by incredible people.  Our technology is amazing, however it’s our people who drive the exceptional customer experiences that our clients expect and demand.

Our people really are the secret sauce of our success, although it’s not much of a secret.  We treat people with respect, always.   We’ve seen, firsthand, too many examples of large and small firms treating people like shit and it literally makes our skin crawl.  It makes no sense?!  There’s a much better way that drives better outcomes for everyone – our people, our clients, and our company – and we’re 100% committed to that path.  

We absolutely work hard and have high expectations of one another outstanding results don’t just happen by themselves!  However, we do it with a sense of decency, support each other, have plenty of laughs along the way and all share in our success.

Our Values

We take pride in achieving excellent results, and always strive towards exceptional outcomes for our clients and for each other.

We are always looking for a better way, implementing the latest technologies, processes and encouraging ideation across the company.

We do the right thing. Always. Especially when no one is watching.

We collaborate as a team to provide flexibility and balance. Our business supports our people, and our people support our business.

Life’s too short not to laugh a little. Let’s always remember that.

Employee Benefits

Our technology and systems allow teams to work from wherever they choose – gone are the days when you had to live within a 30 minute commute from the office. This was our preferred approach before COVID – it provides our team with flexibility and autonomy and allows us to choose the best talent from anywhere in Australia.

We’re very aware of the need to create an enjoyable, supportive and collaborative working environment, particularly with teams working remotely. Our management structure is purpose built to deliver exactly this, ensuring our people feel part of the team from day one, and remain supported throughout their journey.

Whether it’s a social get together, a formal awards night or regular team lunches, we take every opportunity available to recognise team contributors and reward their effort and achievement. Life’s too short not to laugh a little, we love making work fun, putting smiles on faces and rewarding our people!

As far as we’re aware, we’re a little unique – but when we succeed as a company, we want that success to be shared with our teams. Success bonuses are part of every role, they are achievable, transparent and we look forward to giving them out twice a year!

QGPD is an initiative that enables our people to learn new skills or develop existing ones. We’re genuinely interested in YOU, tell us what your passion project looks like and we’ll set up a structure to support and help you along the way. We also actively promote from within the company, so if career progression is what you are after we’d like to help.

A significant number of our team have been referred by existing employees who recommended us to their friends. We love this, it shows that we’re on the right track when people are willing to endorse QG as a great place to work to their friends. You’ll be well rewarded for referring great team members!

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